• Valentina ALBANESE, PhD in economic and political geography, past Research Fellow at the University of Parma and University of Pisa, was Assistant Professor at the University of Bologna, visiting researcher at the Technological University of Dublin, visiting researcher at Maynooth University and tenure Assistant Professor at the University of Insubria (Como seat). Currently, she is PI of the projects: Representations of Colonial Landscapes in Irish Tourist Attraction and COSMO - Environmental Crisis and Climate Change: an observatory for social mobilisation and new forms of digital activism. She is also Co-I of the project Food, Place and wellbeing. She focused her studies on the relationship between real and virtual space, tourism and social media, in the new virtual relationships point of view. Her main field of research are digital and media geography with a specific focus on territorial identities, including the field of surveillance capitalism and climate change as narrative streams re-shaping the places. She is author of three books and various national and international papers and book chapters
  • Stefania CERUTTI is Associate Professor of Economic and Political Geography at the Department for Sustainable Development and Ecological Transition, University of Eastern Piedmont. She teaches courses in Landscape, Sustainability, Tourism; Project Management of Tourism Territories; Tourism Geography Workshop. She is director of the Interdepartmental Study Centre Upontourism. Vision, strategy, research for innovative and sustainable tourism. Her current research interests focus on sustainable tourism, local development, cultural heritage, food culture in tourism, inland and mountain areas;
  • Allan JEPSON is an inter/multidisciplinary researcher at University of Hertfordshire,  following a track on the human condition/ wellbeing. He employs mixed methods within communties to explore psychosocial and physiological wellbeing through leisure experiences across the lifecourse and this includes research across the following fields/ disciplines: gerontology, tourism, festivals and events, family sociology, family managment, power and hegemonic relationships, memory creation, marginalisation, mental health and wellbeing, neurodiversity, equity of experiences, and human rights, with a focus on studies of participatory arts events, emotions and collective memory:
  • Giulia ROSSETTI, is a Senior Lecturer in Events Management in the Business School, Oxford Brookes University. She teaches modules related to events and tourism at Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels. Giulia's areas of expertise are: understanding festival and event experiences using cultural sociology and serious leisure theories; festival socio-cultural impacts; and the educational value of festivals and events. Her PhD at the Technological University Dublin explored cultural capital development at literary festivals in Ireland and in Italy. Her current research interests include: the role of events in generating wellbeing; storytelling and festivals; edutainment at festivals; intangible heritage and cultural tourism;
  • Giacomo ZANOLIN, PhD in Cultural Heritage and Environment at the University of Milan, is currently tenure Assistant Professor in Human Geography at the University of Genoa, Department of Educational Sciences. He teaches at the University of Genoa: Cultural heritage and tourism Geography; Communications geographies and touristic publishing; Didactics of geography; Geography of Italy and Europe. He is deputy coordinator of the master degree in Development of the Territories and Sustainable Tourisms at the University of Genoa. His research interests are mainly focused on: tourism in protected areas and rural spaces; geo-literary representations; didactics of geography. 

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