WEDNESDAY July 19th 2023

Domodossola, Santa Maria Maggiore and Vigezzo Valley

DOMOSCHOOL 2023 Guided Tour and Gala Dinner - free for participants



10.45 AM: meeting point at Rosmini College

11.00 AM: tour around Domodossola’s centre with professor Sergio Cacciatori – we recommend you to visit the San Francesco Museum in Ruminelli square

12.00 AM: lunch together in Domodossola (also free day lunch is covered by the ticket given by the STAFF to Domoschool Participants)

2.30 PM: shuttle to Santa Maria Maggiore. Santa Maria Maggiore is one of the most important alpine tourist destinations of Piedmont. This small town is situated at the centre of Valle Vigezzo – also known as ‘Valley of Painters’ or ‘Valley of Chimney Sweeps’ – and is right on the border of the “Parco Nazionale Val Grande.

3.00 PM: guided tour of the village Santa Maria Maggiore and to some exhibitions celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Ferrovia Vigezzina railway

6.00 PM: shuttle back to Anzola d’Ossola to the local “Birrificio di Anzola” where DOMOSCHOOL 2023 GALA DINNER will take place. Arrival is expected at 6.30/45 PM.

10.00 PM: return to Domodossola

The STAFF recommend you to wear a comfortable item of clothing and a one-day rucksack, the journey will be held also in case of bad weather conditions

The guided tour and the gala dinner will be offered by the organisation to promote our mountain territory (free-payment) thanks to the contribution of