Dr. Alice Zocchi

University of Vienna

Expert in:

  • Dynamics of star clusters
  • Formation and evolution of low-mass stellar systems
  • Stellar mass and intermediate-mass black holes in globular clusters
  • Dynamical models based on distribution function and orbit-superposition models

She is expected to give a course on the dynamics of galaxies, with care on the possible role of dark matter.

Prof. Dr. Pavel Kroupa

Argelander-Insitut für Astronomie, Universität Bonn, and professorem hospitem at Astronomical Institute of the Charles University in Prague.

Expert in dynamical properties of stellar systems, the evolution of young multiple stellar systems in birth aggregates, star formation, the dynamical evolution of open and globular clusters, spatial and kinematical distribution of stars, the origin of field stars, structure and mass of the Galaxy, galactic dynamics, formation and evolution of dwarf satellite galaxies, dark matter content of galaxies.

He is expected to give a course on modified gravity theories applied to galaxy dynamics.

Prof. Enrico Barausse

SISSA, Trieste.

Expert in:

  • The astrophysics of massive black-hole binaries
  • Testing General relativity with gravitational observations
  • Gravitational-wave astronomy

He is expected to give a course on tests of GR, gravitational waves and their astrophysics;

Prof. Stefan Czimek

Leipzig University.

Main research topics:

  • Construction and analysis of spacelike initial data for the Einstein equations
  • Control of solutions to the null structure equations, with sharp estimates in low-regularity geometric function spaces
  • Solving the Einstein equations in low-regularity (continuation results, blow-up criteria)
  • Glueing problems for characteristic and spacelike initial data

He is expected to give lectures on the null gluing problem (introduced in collaboration with Aretakis and Rodnianski) and its applications to spacelike gluing problems.