Some members of the Scientific and Organisational Committee of Domoschool, including the Chief Scientist and Coordinator Prof. Sergio Cacciatori, had the opportunity to meet Pope Francis in Rome and to present him with the title of "Honorary Member" of Domoschool, together with a parchment and a volume on the history of Domodossola, presented by the Mayor of the city, Lucio Pizzi.

The occasion was the participation in the 2024 Lemaître Conference, from 16 to 21 June 2024 in the Vatican Specola, dedicated to the scientist Monsignor Georges Lemaître, father of the Big Bang theory and the first to discover the law of the expansion of the universe.

On Thursday 20 June, all the participants were granted a private audience by His Holiness Pope Francis, and it was on this occasion that Prof. Cacciatori was presented with the title of "Honorary Member" of the Domoschool, which the Holy Father accepted with great pleasure.
The next edition of Domoschool, to be held at the Collegio Rosmini in Domodossola from 15th to 19th July with the title "Intersecting Feynman Integrals", will therefore be the first school of theoretical physics and mathematics to count Pope Francis among its honorary members.