Some photos from 21st July night's event: Verso l'infinito: matematica, fisica e realtà.
This wonderful evening brings us closer to the end of the third #domoschool edition.
Special thanks go to Olivia Caramello ?‍? and to Laurent Lafforgue ?‍? for their interesting speeches, to Sergio Cacciatori for his stimulating presentation, to Cinzia Attinà for the attentive and precise management ?, to the translator Corina Gribaudo to the City of Domodossola, in particular to Councillor for Culture Daniele Folino, for making possible the realization of this wonderful evening and for the attention dedicated to #Domoschool.
And finally, thanks to all the audience present, who remained numerous and attentive until the end.

THURSDAY July 21st

9.00 P.M.- 10.30 P.M. public conference for citizenship open to all

(optional - free - italian language)


with Laurent LAFFORGUE and Olivia CARAMELLO

Domodossola, Rovereto Square